Monday, 20 October 2008

I am Martin Mahony, Environmental Awareness Support Officer at Breckland Council. My job is basically to help teach people about recycling - why we need to do it, and how it's done. I've only been in this job for about three weeks having left university this year, so I'm very much on a learning curve myself! I've signed up to Waste Free Week (Oct 27th - Nov 2nd) so I can sharpen my own waste reduction skills and make sure I know how to practice what I preach.

With only a week to go it's time to get stuck in to all the support materials I've received from Norfolk County Council, and try to come up with a plan of where best to shop for some un-packaged food. I've got my eye on a few local butchers, greengrocers etc and I'm amassing a wealth of boxes and reusable bags to carry all my shopping home in. And speaking of butchers, I've decided that in order to be a little more 'green', I'm going to have a few 'meat free' days as well. I've been a recovering vegetarian for about five years, but I've recently started thinking about all the processing and 'food miles' that go into meat production (not to mention the methane emissions) . Waste free week seems like the perfect time to test just how easy it is to be what shall now be known as an ecotarian. So, watch this space for all the highs and lows of my Journey to Waste Free!


Alex Bone said...

I am thinking far too much about my impact on the planet at the moment! Its scary how much of an influence Waste Free Week is having on me (much to the amusement of my colleagues)


Just wanted to say Hi and wish you good luck for next week. In preparation, you might want to take a trip to Elveden's Estate shop. Last time I was there they had a great stock of local grown fruit and vegetables, all loose and unpackaged :-D