Thursday, 6 November 2008

Feedback time!

If you took part in Waste Free Week 2008 then don't forget to send in your results and feedback! This can be done online here:
...or by post using the form you will have received in your starter pack. The first 500 will receive a FREE copy of 'Eat Well, Waste Less '! I've already fed back, so there's only 499 left!

And, as you're currently browsing the web, we would really like some feedback on the Norfolk Waste Partnership website, If you have any thoughts, perhaps you could leave them as a comment on my blog? I can then forward ideas on to the powers-that-be.

In other news, I have officially volunteered my services to an organic growers cooperative based in Norwich! I'd better not reveal the name of the scheme as my involvement isn't yet official, but I'm very excited about getting my hands dirty and possibly also helping out with some research tasks. Also, if there's anyone based in the Dereham area who is interested in the Transition Towns movement which has just been officially unleashed in Norwich, and would like to be involved in a similar initiative in Dereham, then let me know and I can give you the details of who to contact. If you're not aware of Transitions Towns, basically it is a grassroots movement of community-minded people who want to ensure their communities are resilient enough to respond positively to the twin threats of climate change and peak oil. This often takes the form of strengthening local food networks and developing decentralised energy networks, for instance. After originating in Kinsale, Ireland and Totnes, UK the initiative has spread to over 200 villages, towns and cities worldwide, and has even been featured in The Archers, no less. For more info have a look at

That's all from me for now, but watch this space because the Waste Free bloggers may be returning to your screens very soon with more with more wit and wisdom from inside the world of waste management!

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